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Bookmarks allow you to mark a page for later review.


You can add a page to your bookmarks by using the menu bar or the right-click menu.

  • Choose "Bookmarks"
  • Choose "Bookmark this page"

You will see a notification that starts with "bookmark added"


You can display a list of all bookmarks by choosing the "Show All Bookmarks" option

HTTP Server support

Bookmarks can be viewed and edited in HTTP server mode. This has been tested with Firefox (39), Chrome (43), Safari (8) and Internet Explorer (9). If you have an older version and it doesn't work, please report it to Help/Feedback

Resizing columns

Columns can be resized by clicking on the cell divider in the header column


The bookmarks page provides the following features:


To edit a bookmark, click on the edit icon.

While in edit mode...

  • To save the change, click on the disk icon
  • To cancel the change, click on the undo icon

Note that the text boxes support two keyboard shortcuts

  • Enter: Saves the change. This is the same as clicking save. [1]
  • Escape: Cancels the change. This is the same as clicking cancel.


To delete a bookmark, click on the X icon.


To move a bookmark to a different position, click on the row header and drag it to its position

Old bookmarks

As of v2.7.3, XOWA now has a new Bookmarks page. All links will go to the new bookmarks page.

If you would like to review old bookmarks, you can still reach them at this link

  1. ^ Note that in a textarea (such as Comments), Enter adds a new line. To save, press Control + Enter



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