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name: XOWA
version: (view changes)
build date: 2020-09-19 12:59:14
license: AGPLv3
developer: gnosygnu
email: gnosygnu at gmail dot com
identity passphrases: 8d06d35872ca9e477c3295c3b2ccfb02214626660ae0f292ab93e1dfedcadac4


name contribution
  • MathJax integration
  • Sortable/Collapsible tables
  • Reference tooltips
  • Timeline
  • Wikidata html formatter
  • Search suggestions
  • Redlink identification
  • Edit toolbar
  • German localization
  • 250+ defect detection
  • HTTP server improvements
  • Parser patches
  • HTML patches
  • 30+ pull requests
  • 125+ defect detection
name contribution
  • Firefox Add-on
  • Polish localization
  • multiple defect detection
  • multiple defect detection
  • import bz2 by stdout proposal
  • multiple defect detection
  • HTTP Web Server
  • mwad
  • Chinese localization
  • multiple defect detection
name contribution
  • multiple defect detection

Components and Tools

XOWA is free software. It was built using free software and was made possible by free culture.

Support free software and free culture today!

Name Description License
Primary application components
Wikimedia Foundation Wiki data dumps and images CC-BY-SA 3.0
XUL Runner Mozilla Firefox web browser runtime environment MPL
Java Programming language GPLv2
SWT Web browser interoperability CPL
Java libraries
Xerial SQLite JDBC JDBC library for Sqlite Apache v2.0
Luaj Embedded scripting library BSD
JTidy HTML markup cleaner BSD
Lucene Full-text search library Apache2
Lucene mobile Full-text search library for mobile devices Unknown. Presumably Apache2
icu4j International Components for Unicode (used for Category Sorting) BSD
Apache Commons Compress BZ2 compression / decompression library Apache v2.0
XZ for Java XZ compression / decompression library Public Domain
Javascript libraries
MathJax LaTEX library Apache v2.0
JQuery General library (used for table sorting/collapsing) MIT
JQuery UI UI library (used for draggable) MIT
NotifyJS Notification library MIT
alertify Notification library MIT
Mustache Template library MIT
Other application components
sqlite SQL database library Public Domain
Lua Embedded scripting library MIT
tidy HTML markup cleaner MIT
7-Zip Compression / decompression program (Windows) LGPL
Lilypond Music score generator GPLv3
ImageMagick Image converter Apache v2.0
Inkscape SVG converter GPL
MiKTEX TEX converter (Windows) MikTex Open Source
TiMidity++ Midi to ogg converter GPLv2
Websites Image database host Project hosting website
Gerrit Software code review
Wikimedia dump servers Wiki backup host
Development tools and utilities
Ubuntu Operating system GPL derived
Eclipse Java IDE CPL
jEdit Text editor GPLv2
Notepad++ Text editor (Windows) GPL
Firebug HTML inspection BSD
LibreOffice Spreadsheet application LGPLv3, MPL
SQuirreL SQL SQL editor LGPL
JSmooth Java exe wrapper (Windows) GPLv2
Launch4J Java exe wrapper (Windows 64-bit) BSD, MIT
qBittorrent Torrent generator GPLv2
OBS Desktop video recording GPLv2
GIMP Image manipulation GPLv3
VLC Media player GPLv2
DjVuLibre DjVu viewer GPLv2
Evince PDF viewer GPLv2
MediaWiki Wiki server software GPLv2
PHP Server-side scripting language PHP v3.01
Open icon library Icons Unknown
Tango icon library Icons Public Domain
Oxygen Icons LGPL
Special mention
GNU Free software philosophy



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