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Simple Wikipedia is a smaller wiki with 180,000+ pages and 90,000+ images. The text version can be setup in less than 5 minutes, using only 200 MB of disk space. The images version is a little larger: it needs 30 minutes of download time and 2 GB of space.

Part 1: Import the wiki

  • Launch XOWA
  • Find the link for "Set up Simple Wikipedia" near the middle of the Main Page.
  • Click on it. The import process will start and should complete within 5 minutes.
  • Visit different pages in Simple Wikipedia. Note that XOWA shows images for the pages by dynamically downloading the images online.

Part 2: Download all the images for offline viewing

  • Download the file zip from
  • Unzip the files in your xowa root directory. When you are done, you will have a file called C:\xowa_release\wiki\\ as well as many others.[1]
  • Visit any page in Simple Wikipedia. All images will now be loading from the offline databas.


  1. ^ This bundle also has Simple Wiktionary, Simple Wikiquote and Simple Wikibooks



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