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Release: v4.5.19.1801 (2018-01-05 23:00 Fri)

The PC version is a minor release. It fixes parsing issues for 2017-12 English Wikipedia and 2017-12 German Wikipedia.

The Android version is a trivial release. It updates the list of wikis for Download Central.

(Wiki) Publish 2017-12 English Wikipedia and 2017-12 German Wikipedia

It's been slow recently, as only the above two wikis were published. You can get them from Download Central or see the following links:

(PC) Fix multiple script errors due to Wikibase, JsonConfig, Luaj, and ParserFunctions

There were a handful of minor parsing issues with English and German Wikipedia. In brief:

  • Wikibase: Add support for getBestStatements and getEntityUrl
  • JsonConfig: Add support for JsonConfig
  • Luaj: Parse '-' as nil not 0
  • ParserFunctions: Parse relative months like '1-12-2001 -1 month'

Next release

The schedule has still been slow recently. I've been looking at migrating XOWA to a Chrome / Node.js platform, since Mozilla / XULRunner is pretty much deprecated. As this will take several months, I think new releases will primarily be focused on fixing parsing issues as well as wiki releases.



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