App/Import/Import overview

From XOWA: the free, open-source, offline wiki application

XOWA provides several options to import a wiki.

Import HTML dumps from

The Download Central page lists wikis that can be downloaded from

  • Simple: Find a wiki, click on it, and it will imported.
  • Android-ready: Listed wikis will work directly on Android
  • Images included: Listed wikis will also include image databases. The options below require downloading images separately.
  • Fewer selection: There are currently only a handful of wikis. More will be generated throughout 2016. If you need a specific wiki, please contact me by the Feedback page.

For more info, see App/Import/Download_Central

Import online by click

The Import online page lists 800+ wikis that can be imported by clicking on a link.

  • Simple: Find a wiki, click on it, and it will be imported.
  • Online: Intended for users who have internet access.

Import offline by script

The Import offline page can generate a script that will import a wiki.

  • Online and offline: Can be used by "online users" and "offline users". Offline users must have already downloaded a database dump file. See Wikimedia database dumps

Import by command-line

The Dev/Command-line page offers instructions on importing through the command-line.

  • Full control: Offers full control of the XOWA import process
  • Complicated: Requires command-line usage. Intended for advanced users.



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