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Reasons for manual import

The list of data dumps allows you to download dumps for any wiki with one mouse click. However, there are times when you want to manually import a wiki:

  • You want a dump from a specific time period (EX: 20121220)
  • You want the dump that has talk pages (EX: pages-meta-current)
  • You want a dump that doesn't happen to be on the list (EX: none known, but may happen)
  • You want to customize the process for multiple wikis
  • You encountered an error, and can not use the automated process.

Manual import types

There are currently two ways to do a manual import

  • Manually import the wiki through xowa_build.gfs.
This will offer you the greatest flexibility, but requires some familiarity with a command-line interface. You can read more at Dev/Command-line
  • Manually import the wiki through altering the xowa_command
This has less flexibility than the xowa_build.gfs. However, it only requires editing a wiki page, and then clicking the icon

Manual import using the xowa_command

To do a manual import using the xowa_command, do the following

  • Click "Edit" in the top right-hand corner
  • Look at the last lines of this page
  • Substitute '' with your wiki's name
  • Change the date from 'latest' to whatever date you're interested in (EX: '20121220')
  • Change 'pages-articles' to 'pages-meta-current' if you want talk pages (Note: they are generally twice the size of the regular wiki)
  • Save the page
  • Click "Setup Custom Wiki"

Setup Custom Wiki



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