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Personal wikis are user-created standalone wikis. They are not imported from any existing online wikis, but created and edited entirely within XOWA. For anyone who has ever edited a Wikipedia page, creating a personal wiki should be a familiar and easy process.

.xowa file

XOWA stores all the data for a personal wiki in a single .xowa file. This .xowa file is a sqlite3 file, but has the extension renamed to .xowa. You can use any sqlite program to browse a .xowa file. You can either use the official sqlite command-line shell ( ), or a gui-capable program (

All your wiki data is stored in the .xowa file. You can email the file, upload it to a file service, or just copy it from one machine to the next.


XOWA is as an offline Wikipedia app. It was meant for usage in a disconnected enviornment. It does not collect data to send elsewhere. For full details on privacy, see Help/Privacy/Desktop


Personal wikis are still a work-in-progress. Although I've been using personal wikis for the XOWA home wiki for over three years, it has not been used by anyone else until 2017-02.

If you want to provide feedback on XOWA, please see Help/Feedback. You can use it for either of the following:

  • Bugs: The more detail you give, the better. Any of the following is greatly helpful:
    • Reproduction steps: This can include either a series of specific steps or a sample of wikitext.
    • Logs: From the Main Menu, Help -> System data -> Session Log
    • Screenshots: You can take a screenshot and either upload it to github, Wikipedia, or any other image sharing app
  • New features: There's still a lot that can be done, and I'd like to get as much done as possible. However, please note that the entire XOWA developer team is just one person, so you may need to be patient.




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