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This page describes how to update your XOWA application using the in-app updater.


This Special page shows all pending updates.


Everytime this page is opened, it checks the XOWA site for updates:

  • If updates are found, it downloads the descriptions, stores them offline, and shows it on the page
  • If no updates are found, it shows any offline descriptions


If install is chosen, the following is done:

  • The appropriate package is chosen from from
    • Note that XOWA will automatically choose the matching operating system package. (If you're running XOWA on GNU/Linux 64-bit it will automatically download a xowa_app_linux_64 package)
    • Note that the latest version will always be chosen for two reasons:
      • The latest version is always the recommended version
      • Downgrading from a later version to an earlier version is not recommended. Downgrading will generally work, but it's not something that is ever tested.
  • The package is downloaded and unzipped to C:\xowa\user\install\update
  • For each file in the install package:
    • The corresponding old file will be deleted
    • The new file will be moved into the old file's place
    • Any old file that can't be deleted will be saved to a list
  • XOWA will then shutdown and launch a standalone update app. It will copy any old files that couldn't be deleted in the previous step
  • Once the standalone update app completes, it will launch XOWA


This only applies to the auto-startup reminder (see the next section).

  • By pressing the "Skip this update" button, the Special:XowaAppUpdate page will tempoarily stop reminding you automatically at startup.
  • However, once a new XOWA version is available, the Special:XowaAppUpdate page will resume launching automatically at startup.

Auto-startup reminder

XOWA will check for updates every time the application starts. It does this in a two-step process:

  • First, it checks online to see if any new updates have been released.
    • By default, the time interval is set to 7 days. If XOWA has checked online for an update, it won't check again for another 7 days.
    • If you want to disable online check or change the interval, you can do so at the Options page
  • Next, it will check offline to see any existing updates have not been applied.
    • A list of offline updates are at C:\xowa\user\install\update

If any updates are available, it will open the Special:XowaUpdate page

Manual updates

XOWA can always be updated manually:

For more information on manual updates, see the manual update help page



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