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Basic operation

The Find box is intended to work like the Mozilla Firefox Find box. To use it, please do the following

  • Press Ctrl+F
  • Type a word into the box. The first word matching the text in the find box will be highlighted. Other matches will be highlighted in yellow.
  • Press Enter. The next matching word will be highlighted.

You can try it out on this page with the word "find". Try it out.

Find scope

Note that in Read mode, the Find box will find any word on the page. This includes sections outside the main content area, such as the left nav. Type the word "page" and see what gets found.

However in Edit and View HTML mode, the find functionality is limited to text in the main text box.

Advanced commands

The Find box also supports additional keyboard shortcuts.

  • Alt+N: Find next matching word.
  • Alt+P: Find previous matching word.
  • Alt+C: Toggle case-sensitivity (default is case-insensitive)
  • Alt+W: Toggle wrap search (default is wrap)



Getting started