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XOWA allows keyboard navigation using the content-editable attribute. Note that this is somewhat of a hack and it results in odd UI behavior.

Content-editable can be enabled with the following

  • Open the xowa.gfs file
  • Change content_editable_('n') to content_editable_('y')
  • Restart XOWA

XOWA keyboard shortcuts (basic)

See Options: Gui - Shortcuts

XOWA keyboard shortcuts (advanced)

The xowa.gfs file allows customization of keyboard shortcuts. This section explains the format of the keyboard codes.

  • "mod" is short for modifier
valid values are "a" (alt), "c" (control), and "s" (shift). EX: "mod.a" means "Alt"
values can be combined. for example, means press "Ctrl" and "Alt"
  • "+" means press at the same time
for example: "mod.a+key.d" means press "Alt" and "D" at the same time
"+" should only be used for a modifier and a regular key character
  • "," means press in succession
for example, "mod.c+key.m,mod.c+key.e" means
first, press "Ctrl" and "M"
next, press "Ctrl" and "E"
the command will activate when the last key is pressed
pressing any other key before the last will cancel the chord
there is no limit to chorded keys, but please use appropriately (i.e.: 5 chorded keystrokes are not recommended).
  • "|" means alternative
for example, "mod.c+key.q|mod.c+key.x" means press either ctrl+q or ctrl+x
there is no limit to alternatives, but please do not go beyond 8
  • "mouse" bindings are possible but to be used with caution as they may not override the default mouse behavior
you are free to experiment, but the results may be unsatisfying
  • finally, the three sections in the config file will be consolidated into one at a later date. the last section will likely be the ultimate form.

List of shortcuts

Category Key Description Config file setting
Application F1 Show help page_goto("home/wiki/Help:Contents");
Application Ctrl+F1 Show sandbox eval("xowa_proc_html_tidy_toggle");
Application Ctrl+Q Exit app app_exit
Application Ctrl+Shift+H Show page history app_history_show
Application Ctrl+Shift+R Open random page special_random
Application F3 Show bookmarks page_goto("home/wiki/Data:Bookmarks");
Application Ctrl+Shift+P Show list of recent status messages(must click inside status bar) prog_box_log();
Read Ctrl+L Open link (content editable mode) link_click
Navigation Alt+Left Go back one page history_fwd
Navigation Alt+Right Go forward one page history_bwd
Focus Alt+D Focus url box url_box_focus
Focus Ctrl+F Focus find box find_box_focus
Focus Ctrl+Alt+P Focus progress box statux_box_focus
Focus Escape Focus html box wiki_box_focus
Find Alt+N Find next match find_box_fwd
Find Alt+P Find previous match find_box_bwd
Find Alt+C Toggle case sensitivity find_box_case_toggle
Find Alt+W Toggle wrap search find_box_wrap_toggle
Page Alt+Shift+R Switch page to read mode page_view_read
Page Alt+Shift+E Switch page to edit mode page_view_edit
Page Alt+Shift+H Switch page to html mode page_view_html
Edit Alt+Shift+Period Preview page page_edit_preview
Edit Alt+Shift+S Save page and switch to read mode page_edit_save
Edit Ctrl+S Save page page_edit_save_draft
Edit Alt+Shift+Comma Focus edit box page_edit_focus__box
Edit Alt+Shift+Period Focus first heading page_edit_focus_first
Edit Alt+R Rename page page_edit_rename();



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