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Release: NONE (2016-02-28 20:30 Sun)

Another week, another postponement. My apologies, but I'm usually very cautious when making database changes -- especially since it's pretty important to get things right the first time. I'm going to try for a Thursday release, but may fall back on next Sunday.

I did upload the new Android English Wikipedia for 2016-02 this week. The new urls are at .

Release: NONE (2016-02-21 19:15 Sun)

I'm skipping the release this week also. I've made some good progress with search, and have a prototype that is significantly faster than the existing version. However, it'll take me another week before I add it to Android and probably two weeks before the desktop.

I uploaded the image update for English Wikipedia 2016-02 this week. You can grab the latest at My next task is to make these updates easier, but I'm afraid it'll have to wait until I'm done with major Android features. I'm also postponing other image dumps as I just want to focus solely on search and related matters. I'm hoping to resume next week.

I am going to upload the HTML for English Wikipedia 2016-02 this week. If you want to try the new search, you should start downloading this version. Once I'm done with search, you'll have to download these two files to have the new upgraded search for Android:


Until then, if you're using the Android beta, please bear with the slow search. Thanks.

Release: NONE (2016-02-14 19:30 Sun)

I'm skipping the release this week. I'm trying to make a lot of performance-related changes to Search that will affect the desktop and Android version. There's a chance I may skip next week also.

Also, I'm building English Wiki 2016-02 now. I'm still a little behind in wiki dumps and I'll resume this week.

Release: v3.2.1.1 (2016-02-06 20:45 Sun)

Release new image update for English Wikipedia (2016-01)

I was a little late this month due to build issues. The direct link is

Release new wikis for English Wikis (2016-01)

I've also updated all English Wikis. I generated Android versions of each as well, and will upload during the week if they proof well. The links are at and they are listed by domain (EX:

Fix for search not working

This was a bug that I introduced back in 3.1.1. Title search doesn't work. For example: .

If you've built a wiki with any 3.1.* version, you will have to rebuild it. You can do this with the following:

  • Go to Dashboard/Wiki_maintenance
  • Find your wiki and click the "Search" button
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Run script"

You can also rebuild the entire wiki.

Fix for English Wiktionary sections not expanding correctly

This bug occurs when opening up any English Wiktionary page. Each page will have Translation tables with a "Hide" / "Show" button. The following occurred when viewing these pages (for example:

  • Table shows up collapsed, but button says "Hide"
  • Clicking on "Hide" only changes the button to "Show"
  • Clicking on "Show" finally expands the table

v3.2.1 now expands these tables by default. Note that you can control the default behavior at Options/Wiki_HTML under Collapsible

New Raspberry Pi build

This build was made possible by yonisolo. Many thanks to him for taking the initiative to get this to work. As a result of his efforts, you can now use your Raspberry Pi to run XOWA as an HTTP server.

Note that the GUI does not work due to SWT issues with ARM. I don't know if anyone is interested in having this work, but if so, let me know, and I'll revisit.

Android (No release)

I'm skipping an Android release this week. I added only one-change (pinch-zoom and bottom panels), and it didn't seem worth a release.

Next release: v3.2.2

I was planning to improve the Android search version this week, but ended up spending some time on the English Wiki builds as well as underlying database code.

I'm still going to work on this database code this week. My aims are the following:

  • Add a feature to auto-sync the current English Wikipedia images set (they're around 90 GB)
  • Add some indices to improve performance on the Android search.

For wikis, I'm going to work on French Wiki.



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