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Release: NONE (2016-11-27 22:00 Sun)

This week is also a push. There were more changes, especially with Russian Wikipedia, but I can't give a release my full attention until next week.

The 2016-11 Russian Wikis are up. I'll try to work on the 2016 Italian wikis next.

Release: NONE (2016-11-20 22:00 Sun)

There is no release this week. I've worked on a few Page sync issues found by khanhhung2512 as well as a new application auto-updater. I may skip next week also due to the holiday season as well as some personal commitments.

In the meantime, I uploaded 2016-11 German Wikipedia as well as the Dutch and Afrikaans Wikis. I'll be working on the Russian wikis and French Wikipedia.

Release: v3.11.2.1 (2016-11-13 20:00 Sun)

The PC version is a minor release. It fixes some Wikibase parsing issues and handles some regression issues, notably bookmarks and variants.

The Android version is a minor release. It also adds filtering to Download Central.

(Wiki) Publish 2016-10 French, Polish, Swedish, Spanish wikis. Also, 2016-11 English Wikipedia

As it's been a few weeks since the last release, there have been several wiki releases since then.

A bare-bones listing is at Wiki_setup/Listing. Of course, you can also check Special:XowaDownloadCentral

A special thanks to Ope30 for downloading and testing all these wikis.

(PC) Fix regression errors, including bookmarks, variants, clicking on images, and wrong number of reported pages

There were a number of regression errors that have crept in over the last few releases. Namely, these are:

  • Special:XowaBookmarks was not working
  • Variant support for Chinese and Serbian languages were not working. For example: -{zh-hans:computer; zh-hant:ELECTRONICBRAIN;}-
  • Clicking on images would not open up a simulation of a Wikimedia Commons page
  • The total number of pages was reported incorrectly

These have been fixed in this release. Thanks to khanhhung2512 and another anonymous user for reporting these issues.

(PC) Fix various minor Wikibase errors with geocoordinate, time, and quantity

There were some minor Wikibase issues. The most notable of these involved time data which caused script errors on all Polish Wikipedia Software pages. The rest involved many fewer pages (< 100).

To get more info on these, see Change log/v3.11.2.1 and the Wikibase entries

(PC) Make minor changes to Import/Offline page

There were a number of minor issues with the Import/Offline page, primarily due to the Category changes in 2016-09. I made a few changes to eliminate redundant downloads as well as to intelligently detect dump files. However, I'll probably make more in the coming months when time permits.

Again, thanks go to khanhhung2512 and another anonymous user for reporting these issues.

(Dev) Simplify usage of XOWA as an embeddable parser

XOWA now supports usage as an embeddable parser in other apps. More information is at Dev/Parser/Embeddable

Thanks here are due to RĂ¼diger Gleim for suggesting the interface as well as providing valuable feedback

Next release: v3.11.3

  • Wikis: I'm generating wikis for the 2016-11 German Wikipedia as well as 2016-11 Dutch Wikis.
  • Light schedule: The schedule will continue to be light. I'm currently working on rewriting the Options system. I'll try to add in some exploratory work on full-text search as well as improve Page Sync.

Release: BETA_v3.10.4.6 (2016-11-06 22:00 Sun)

I'm postponing the official release to next week. There are still only a handful of issues, and unfortunately, I don't have the time this week to do a full release.

However, I am pushing out a BETA release. This is the same as a regular release, except:

  • I haven't documented all the changes in the Change Log or readme.txt (so you'll only know what's included from a short list at
  • I haven't tested the release fully (so some of the new items may not work)
  • I won't be able to fix any unexpected regression bugs (so if there is a new critical bug, you should just rollback to the old v3.10.4.1 build)

If you want to give it a try, get it from

Otherwise, you can wait for the next release for next Sunday evening.

For wikis, I uploaded Swedish and Spanish. I'm going to work on 2016-11 next. See:



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