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Release: v4.5.2.1704 (2017-04-26 20:00 Wed)

The PC version is a minor release. It fixes parsing issues for English, German and French wikis.

The Android version is a trivial release. It updates the list of Download Central wikis.

(Wiki) Publish 2017-05 English, German, and French wikis with full-text search. Also, 2017-06 English Wikipedia

These wikis have been published over the course of the past several weeks. You can get them from Download Central or see the following links:

Note that all wikis have full-text search capabilities. Feel free to give them a try!

(PC) Fix parser issues including including "mwInit.lua:24 bad argument" in English Wikipedia, broken navboxes in French Wikivoyage, "=Module:Header template:93" in French Wikisource, "gplx.Err: bad argument" in French Wikiversity, and missing Table of Contents on some German Wikipedia pages.

There are a handful of significant parser issues fixed in this release. For more detail, see the Change log. In brief:

  • 2017-06 English Wikipedia no longer has script errors for "mwInit.lua:24 bad argument"
  • 2017-05 French Wikivoyage no longer has broken navboxes
  • 2017-05 French Wikisource no longer has script errors for "=Module:Header template:93"
  • 2017-05 French Wikiversity no longer has script errors for "gplx.Err: bad argument"
  • 2017-06 German Wikipedia no longer has missing Table of Contents

Note that these errors only affected between .1% and 2% of pages. However, since even .1% means something like 5,000 pages in English Wikipedia, they needed to be fixed.

Next release

I'm still working on releasing more wikis with full-text search indexes. At the moment, Polish, Spanish, and Russian are next.



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