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Release: v4.9.1.1903 (2019-03-26 20:30 Tue)

The PC version is a bugfix release. It fixes an issue where old html databases failed to load pages

Release: v4.9.0.1903 (2019-03-24 20:00 Sun)

The PC version is a minor release. It fixes multiple parser issues and includes improvements for HTTP Server

The Android version has no release

(Wiki) Publish 2019-03 German Wikipedia

You can get them from Download Central or see the following links:

(PC) Fix major parser issues like "TemplateStyles" and "JumpTo"

There are a bunch of parser fixes in v4.9.0. However the two obvious ones are

  • TemplateStyles: Tags like <templatestyles> are now handled correctly
  • JumpTo links: MediaWiki changed the CSS recently such that JumpTo now shows at the top of brand new wikis

(PC) Fix multiple minor parser issues due to Wikibase and Scribunto

In addition to the parser fixes above, there is a multitude of fixes detected and contributed by desb42. Most center on Scribunto and Wikibase, and results in "Script error" appearing on the page. For a full list, see the Change log/v4.6.0.1903

(PC) Improve HTTP Server

desb42 spear-headed a bunch of improvements to HTTP Server. Popups now work correctly, and Read / Edit / View HTML links also work. There are a few more changes waiting in the backlog (such as search), but the current version is more usable than before

(PC) Change HTML databases to use plain-text (HTxt) instead of compressed HTML (HZip)

Next release

It's been eight+ months since I switched jobs and I'm still adjusting. I have a large project related deadline in the upcoming weeks, but am hoping to eke out time to do the following:

  • Release 2019-03 English Wikipedia
  • Update the XOWA Android app (needed for HTxt databases)
  • Work through the 70+ issues in the backlog

The next release will probably be towards end of April, but I'm continually submitting patches. For those who want the latest, you can download and run it using this shell script:



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