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v3.11.2.1 (2016-11-13)


  • Package: Publish 2016-10 French wikis (Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikivoyage, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikiversity, Wikinews).
Links: Wiki_setup/French_wikis
  • Package: Publish 2016-10 Polish wikis.
Links: Wiki_setup/Polish_wikis
  • Package: Publish 2016-10 Swedish wikis.
Links: Wiki_setup/Swedish_wikis
  • Package: Publish 2016-10 Spanish wikis.
Links: Wiki_setup/Spanish_wikis
  • Package: Publish 2016-11 English Wikipedia.
Links: Wiki_setup/English_wikis



  • Bookmarks: Fix Bookmarks not loading.
Links: Special:XowaBookmarks
  • Wikibase: Fix "Moduł:Wikidane/format/prolepticGregorianCalendar:43" error on many pl.w software pages.
Message: =Moduł:Wikidane/format/prolepticGregorianCalendar:43 attempt to compare number with string expected, got number
Resolved by: Return timezone as integer, not string.
  • Wikibase: Fix script error "Division by zero" error on 90 en.w pages.
Message: =Module:Decimals:10 Unable to convert "<strong class="error">Division by zero.</strong>" to a number
Resolved by: Parse numbers with fractions correctly; do not convert to zero.
  • Wikibase: Fix script error "Formatting error: invalid input when rounding%" error on 90 en.w pages.
Message: Formatting error: invalid input when rounding%
Resolved by: Do not output quantity.unit if it is not a wikidata url.
Example: unit:1 -> "" x> " 1".
  • Wikibase: Show {{#property}} geo-coordinates in degrees, not raw numbers.
  • Wikibase: Fix wrong Inception for Earth as well as wrong dates for Julian Calendar entries.
Resolved by: Do not automatically convert dates to julian.
  • Luaj: Fix "Module:Xlat:86" on a few dozen pl.w pages.
Message: =Module:xlat:86 bad argument: number expected, got nil
Resolved by: Handle nil arguments for table.unpack.
Example: table.unpack(nil, nil).
  • ParserFunctions: Fix wrong number of total pages shown on Main_Page. {detected by anonymous}
Resolved by: Change {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} to read from site_stats.ss_total_pages and {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} to read from site_stats.ss_good_articles.
  • Lang.Variants: Fix variants not working in Chinese and other wikis. {detected by anonymous}
Resolved by: Add initialization assertion to variant rule parser.
  • Html_dump: Fix wide images on some en.v pages.
Resolved by: If {{#pagebanner}} and __TOC__ are on same page, do not have __TOC__ overwrite {{#pagebanner}}.
  • Html_dump: Fix images not showing when going back / forward on wikinews. {detected by Ope30}
Resolved by: Always reload page when going back / forward on wikinews (do not use cached html).
  • Image: Show mockup of page when clicking on image. {detected by khanhhung2512 }
  • Import.offline: Fix incorrect detection of offline category dump files (.sql.gz2).
  • Import.offline: Clarify 'category' rebuild options.
Links: Dashboard/Import/Offline
  • Import.offline: Do not re-download category dump files when importing wiki. {detected by khanhhung2512 }
  • Import.offline: Use any available category dump, not just those marked "latest". {detected by anonymous}
  • DownloadCentral: Hide outdated wikis in "Imported" table.
  • Embeddable: Add ability to parse wikitext by api. {requested by Rüdiger Gleim}
Links: Dev/Parser/Embeddable
  • Page_history: Add option to log all page visits to a separate file. {requested by anonymous}
Links: Options/Dev


  • Wikibase: Add to list of known wikis.
  • Wikibase: Do not escape and repeat calendar data.
Example: "<sup>jul</sup>" x> "&lt;sup>jul&lt;/sup>&lt;sup>jul&lt;/sup>".
  • DownloadCentral: Move list of languages from UI to DB.
  • DownloadCentral.Package: Generate 2016-10 date when wiki is 2016-09-30.
Resolved by: Add option to manually specify wiki date for new packages.
  • Table_of_contents: Handle unknown tags: dl.
  • Hzip: Reduce hzip diff log entries for image links in non-English wikis.
Resolved by: Use canonical name, not local name, for images linking to namespaces in other wikis.


  • Doc: Update list of image databases. {detected by anonymous}
Links: Dashboard/Image_databases



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