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v3.12.1.1 (2016-12-04)


  • Package: Publish 2016-11 Dutch Wikis.
Links: Wiki_setup/Dutch_wikis
  • Package: Publish 2016-11 German Wikipedia.
Links: Wiki_setup/German_wikis
  • Package: Publish 2016-11 Russian wikis.
Links: Wiki_setup/Russian_wikis



  • Import: Fix category not building on non-SSD drives. {detected by khanhhung2512 }
Resolved by: Add index to cl_from.
  • Import: Fix Russian Wikisource build failure.
Resolved by: Convert null category sortkeys to empty array.
  • Import.offline: Do not re-download category dump files when importing wiki (redux). {detected by khanhhung2512 }
  • Xtn.Math: Do not try to translate math in variant wikis. {detected by anonymous}
Resolved by: Swap out math tags with UNIQ.
Example: <math>x-{1+2}-1</math> -> x-{1+2}-1 x> x1+21.
  • Table_of_contents: Fix missing table of contents on some de.w television series pages. {detected by Ope30}
Resolved by: Ignore TOC magic word on transcluded pages.
  • Parser.Lnke: Fix page not loading on a dozen ru.w pages.
Resolved by: Handle xwiki links to history pages.
Example: [ извещен].
  • ParserFunctions: Fix missing headers from several dozen ru.s Slavik pages.
Resolved by: Implement {{ROOTPAGENAME}}.
  • Scribunto: Fix script error "Module:Navbox:91 attempt to concatenate nil and string" on many ru.w pages.
Message: =Module:Navbox:91 attempt to concatenate nil and string
Resolved by: Use local language's namespace name not canonical.
Example: Russian "Шаблон" not English "Template".
  • Scribunto: Fix script error 'expandTemplate: template "Россия Москва" does not exist' on many ru.w pages.
Message: expandTemplate: template "Россия Москва" does not exist
Resolved by: Do not convert zero padded numbers to integer.
Example: "01" -> "01" x> 1.
  • Wikibase: Fix missing infobox images on many ru.w pages.
Resolved by: Infer datatype from cached table not from JSON doc.
Example: datatype="commonsMedia".
  • Wikibase: Do not fail if null quantity.lbound or quantity.ubound.
  • Wikibase: Fix script error "Module:WD:455" on a dozen ru.s pages.
Message: Ошибка скрипта: =Module:WD:455 свойство P1343 не найдено
Resolved by: Return 'property' not 'item' if wikidata page is "Property:".
  • Wikibase: Fix script error 'java.lang.ArithmeticException: Division by zero' on a few dozen ru.w pages.
Resolved by: Convert globecoordinate's precision of '0' to precision of '1'.
  • Image: Open image when clicking on 'full resolution' links.
Message: could not find anchor with href in html {detected by khanhhung2512 }
Resolved by: Handle image paths with spaces and other URL-encoding.
  • Gui.Url_bar: Show title in actual chars, not url-decoded chars.
Resolved by: Set page url to actual chars, not url-decoded chars.
  • Page_sync: Do not fail with null ref exception when trying to auto-sync a non-existant file. {detected by khanhhung2512 }
  • Page_sync: Fix page_sync failing when (a) page has math and (b) math has '~{'.
Message: page_load fail: page=Web crawler err=[err 0] idx mode not closed {detected by khanhhung2512 }
  • Page_sync: Allow 'always sync' by setting sync interval to '0'. {requested by khanhhung2512 }
Links: Options/Page_sync
  • Page_sync: Implement 'Pages to sync' filter. {detected by khanhhung2512 }
Links: Options/Page_sync
  • Embeddable: Load modules from load_worker. {detected by Rüdiger Gleim}
  • Embeddable: Add Free_memory method. {detected by Rüdiger Gleim}
  • Embeddable: Change if_exist to call Page_cache. {detected by Rüdiger Gleim}


  • Wikibase: Fix Wikibase json-entities loader not working.



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