Change log/v3.9.2.1

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v3.9.2.1 (2016-09-11)



  • Category: Fix Category pages showing wrong categories. [broken since: v3.8.5.1]
Resolved by: Reset page_id object.
  • Html_dump: Show categories for 2016-09 dumps. {requested by Ope30}
Resolved by: Rewrite category system.
  • Html_dump: Add left-hand sidebar for 2016-09 dumps. {detected by Ope30}
Resolved by: Dump MediaWiki namespace (8).
  • Page_sync: Add basic option to synchronize pages. {requested by Mde186}
Links: App/Xtn/Page_sync Options/Page_sync
  • DownloadCentral: Retry for one minute if connection is dropped. {detected by markusmaresch}
  • Scribunto: Show Protection banner boxes for pages.
Resolved by: Fix title.cascadingProtections to return back empty array instead of false.


  • DownloadCentral: Fix Download Central "hanging" on Mac OS X. {detected by markusmaresch}
Resolved by: Set timeout explicitly to 5 seconds.
  • Lang: Fix "Portál [[:Šablona:GRAMMAR]]" in sidebar of cs.q.
Resolved by: Use noop grammar for cs lang.
  • Cite: Fix stack overflow error on 1 cs.w page.
  • Parser: Ignore stack overflow when parsing badly formatted pages.
  • DownloadCentral: Fix torrent links for non-Wikipedia wikis. {detected by malakov1}
Example: -> Xowa_enwiki_latest_archive.torrent x> Xowa_enwiktionary_latest_archive.torrent.
Links: Special:XowaDownloadCentralInfo?task id=6
  • Database: Fix slow performance when SQLite files are read-only. {detected by Ope30}
Resolved by: Open database connection in "read-only" mode if marked readonly.
Example: properties.setProperty("open_mode", "1").
  • Luaj: Fix random "invalid utf8 byte" errors.
Resolved by: Do not use temporary static variable for decoding UTF-8 strings.
  • Scribunto: Do not show "Wikipedia pages with incorrect protection templates" for protected-pages.
Resolved by: Change titleLib.GetProtectionLevels to return semi-protected instead of null.


  • File_dump: Fix multi-threaded parser issues in orig link.
Resolved by: Extend lock scope over entirety of database lookup.
  • Wikibase: Fix multi-threaded parser issues in Wbase property.
Resolved by: Extend lock scope over entirety of Wbase doc parser.
  • Wikibase: Remove many log entries when opening qid from 2016-08-28 wikidata.
Resolved by: Ignore "id" under entity.value node.
  • Wikibase: Add "tcywiki" to list of known wikis.
  • Parser.Template: Suppress multiple "template is blank" messages in log for de.d.
Resolved by: Ignore templates with blank arguments.
Example: {{K|Politik}} -> {{{{{spr|}}}|nolink=ja}} -> {{|nolink=ja}}.
  • Category: Remove old category builder commands.
  • Builder: Remove old copy, search commands for text databases.


  • Doc: Add new dependency for imagelinks dump in command-line build. {detected by Rüdiger Gleim}
Links: Dev/Command-line/Dumps
  • Doc: Add new page explaining difference between Wikitext and HTML databases.
Links: App/Databases/Overview


  • Scribunto: Add traceback for errors.
  • Wikibase: Add Wbase_enum_hash to reuse various enum methods.
  • HTML: Refactor sidebar classes.
  • Category: Refactor Category Pagebox classes.



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