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This page allows you to delete unused images in your image databases.


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Wikipedia is constantly changing. Every moment, articles and images are added and deleted.

XOWA updates images on a monthly basis. However, these updates only add new images. They do not delete old unused images.

XOWA will soon move to a smarter update platform that will process adds and deletes automatically. In the meantime, you will need to process deletes manually.

Delete images using a database

This is a two-step process (Press Expand to reveal more notes):

(1) Choose a file deletion database:

(2) Press Delete.

  • Note that this may take a few hours to run
    • For English Wikipedia, it will delete 400,000 images from your databases and compress your databases by 8 GB.
  • You can continue to use the wiki during this time.
  • If you shutdown XOWA, you can return and resume.
  • When the deletion completes, XOWA will remove the deletion database



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