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Sample files

In /xowa/bin/any/xowa/cfg/wiki/api/, each folder has a sample file that can be used for a wiki. To use it do the following:

  • Copy the "-sample.csv" file
  • Replace the "-sample" to the name of the wiki. For example, for, rename the file to "". For English Wikipedia, use ""
  • Import the wiki. XOWA will use the data in the file when creating the wiki

This data gets stored in the main ".xowa" database in the xowa_cfg table. For example, run the following SQL: SELECT * FROM xowa_cfg WHERE cfg_key = 'extensiontags';

The remainder of this article documents the purpose of each file.


The "extensiontags" file lists active extensions. For example, to enable only <ref> and <references>, use the following two lines:


All other extension tags will be disabled. For example, <math> will show up as just <math> LaTeX source instead of being replaced with graphical equations

The main purpose of this functionality is to disable extensions in some wikis. For example, the <do> extension is only active in the Wikivoyage wiki. Otherwise, English Wikipedia has an article called Type system which will render incorrectly with the following fragment:

<code>if <complex test> then <do something> else <generate type error></code>


The "interwikimap" file lists active interwiki prefixes. For example, to enable only the interwiki prefix for commons, use the following:


This will convert [[commons:Earth]] to a link to



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