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String Int Date - months
c 3 Mar 1 2012
b 22 Feb 2 2011
a 111 Jan 3 2010

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  2. ^ a b Reference 2 with backlabel


Pythagorean theorem
a^2 + b^2 = c^2
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x > y < z
x \& y
\begin{bmatrix} 1 & 2 \\ 3 & 4 \end{bmatrix}
a " b


From http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Template:Wikimedia_Growth

ImageSize  = width:903 height:660
PlotArea   = left:73 right:130 top:30 bottom:140
Legend     = top:110 columnwidth:250 orientation:vertical left:120
AlignBars  = late

multi-line comment 1. test that multiple multi-line comments don't break timeline code; DATE:2014-05-10

DateFormat = dd/mm/yyyy
Period     = from:01/01/2001 till:01/01/2007

Colors =
 id:canvas  value:gray(0.95)        # background for whole image
 id:bars    value:white             # background for bars
 id:grid1   value:gray(0.6)         # major grid
 id:grid2   value:gray(0.85)        # minor grid
 id:gray    value:gray(0.5)         # for colophon
 id:gray2   value:gray(0.8)         # for colophon
 id:darkred value:rgb(0.5,0,0)      # for colophon

 id:A10       value:rgb(0.3,0,0)     legend:10+_articles_(*) 
 id:A100      value:rgb(0.5,0,0)     legend:100+_articles
 id:A1000     value:rgb(0.8,0.2,0)   legend:1000+_articles 
 id:A10000    value:rgb(1,0.5,0)     legend:10,000+_articles 
 id:A100000   value:rgb(1,0.8,0)     legend:100,000+_articles 
 id:A1000000  value:rgb(1,1,0)       legend:1,000,000+_articles

#id:U10       value:rgb(0.85,0.85,1) legend:10+_editors
 id:U100      value:rgb(0.8,0.8,1)   legend:100+_editors
 id:U1000     value:rgb(0.6,0.6,1)   legend:1000+_editors
 id:U10000    value:rgb(0.35,0.35,1) legend:10,000+_editors
 id:U100000   value:rgb(0,0,1)       legend:100,000+_editors

 id:D0        value:rgb(0.95,0.95,0.95) legend:. # dummy
 id:D1        value:gray(0.95)       legend:. # dummy 

 id:L100      value:rgb(0.8,0.35,0)    legend:languages_with_100+_articles
 id:L1000     value:rgb(0.8,0,0.6)   legend:languages_with_1000+_articles
 id:L10000    value:rgb(0,0,0.8)     legend:languages_with_10,000+_articles
 id:L100000   value:rgb(0,0.6,0)     legend:languages_with_100,000+_articles
ScaleMajor  = grid:grid1 unit:year  increment:1 start:01/01/2001
ScaleMinor  = grid:grid2 unit:month increment:3 start:01/01/2001
BackgroundColors = canvas:canvas
TimeAxis   = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy

BarData =
  bar:Wikipedias    text:[http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/TablesWikipediaZZ.htm|Wikipedia]
  bar:Meta          text:[http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikispecial/EN/TablesWikipediaMETA.htm|Meta]
  bar:Wiktionaries  text:[http://stats.wikimedia.org/wiktionary/EN/TablesWikipediaZZ.htm|Wiktionary]

multi-line comment 2. test that multiple multi-line comments don't break timeline code; DATE:2014-05-10

  bar:Wikiquotes    text:[http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikiquote/EN/TablesWikipediaZZ.htm|Wikiquote]
  bar:Wikibooks     text:[http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikibooks/EN/TablesWikipediaZZ.htm|Wikibooks]
  bar:Wikisources   text:[http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikisource/EN/TablesWikipediaZZ.htm|Wikisources]
  bar:Commons       text:[http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikispecial/EN/TablesWikipediaCOMMONS.htm|Commons]
  bar:Wikinews      text:[http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikinews/EN/TablesWikipediaZZ.htm|Wikinews]
  bar:Wikiversity   text:[http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikiversity/EN/TablesWikipediaZZ.htm|Wikiversity]

Define $A10      = color:A10      width:0.1in
Define $A100     = color:A100     width:0.15in
Define $A1000    = color:A1000    width:0.2in
Define $A10000   = color:A10000   width:0.3in
Define $A100000  = color:A100000  width:0.4in
Define $A1000000 = color:A1000000 width:0.5in

Define $U10      = color:U10      width:0.02in
Define $U100     = color:U100     width:0.06in
Define $U1000    = color:U1000    width:0.10in
Define $U10000   = color:U10000   width:0.15in
Define $U100000  = color:U100000  width:0.20in

Define $L100     = textcolor:L100    align:left  fontsize:9
Define $L1000    = textcolor:L1000   align:right fontsize:9
Define $L10000   = textcolor:L10000  align:right fontsize:9
Define $L10000c  = textcolor:L10000  align:right fontsize:9
Define $L100000  = textcolor:L100000 align:right fontsize:9

# make numbers fit exactly below 1,000,000+ bar
Define $S00a1    = shift:(  3,-35)
Define $S000a1   = shift:( -1,-35)
Define $S0000a1  = shift:(-12,-35)
Define $S00000a1 = shift:(-26,-35)

Define $S0000a2  = shift:(-17,-35)
Define $S00000a2 = shift:(-34,-35)

Define $S0000a3  = shift:(-21,-35)
Define $S00000a3 = shift:(-39,-35)

# make numbers fit exactly below 100,000+ bar
Define $S00b1    = shift:(  3,-30)
Define $S000b1   = shift:( -1,-30)
Define $S0000b1  = shift:(-12,-30)
Define $S00000b1 = shift:(-26,-30)

Define $S0000b2  = shift:(-17,-30)
Define $S00000b2 = shift:(-34,-30)

Define $S00000b3 = shift:(-39,-30)

# make numbers fit exactly below 10,000+ bar
Define $S00c1    = shift:(  3,-25)
Define $S000c1   = shift:( -1,-25)
Define $S0000c1  = shift:(-12,-25)
Define $S00000c1 = shift:(-26,-25)

Define $S0000c2  = shift:(-17,-25)
Define $S00000c2 = shift:(-34,-25)

Define $S00000c3 = shift:(-39,-25)

# make numbers fit exactly below 1,000+ bar
Define $S00d1    = shift:(  3,-20)
Define $S000d1   = shift:( -1,-20)
Define $S0000d1  = shift:(-12,-20)
Define $S00000d1 = shift:(-26,-20)

Define $S0000d2  = shift:(-17,-20)
Define $S00000d2 = shift:(-34,-20)

Define $S00000d3 = shift:(-39,-20)

Define $TTt = textcolor:black  shift:(78, 30)  align:center # Title
Define $TAn = textcolor:black  shift:(75, 10)  align:right  # Articles count
Define $TUn = textcolor:black  shift:(75, -4)  align:right  # Users count   
Define $TEn = textcolor:black  shift:(75,-18)  align:right  # Edits count
Define $TAt = textcolor:black  shift:(82, 10)  align:left   # Articles label
Define $TUt = textcolor:black  shift:(82, -4)  align:left   # Users label
Define $TEt = textcolor:black  shift:(82,-18)  align:left   # Edits label

# Define $Figures = textcolor:white align:right shift:(0,-4) fontsize:S # experiment with figures centered in bars

  bar:Wikipedias   from:01/01/2001 till:01/02/2001 $A10     
  bar:Wikipedias   from:01/02/2001 till:01/04/2001 $A100    
  bar:Wikipedias   from:01/04/2001 till:01/10/2001 $A1000
  bar:Wikipedias   from:01/10/2001 till:01/10/2002 $A10000
  bar:Wikipedias   from:01/10/2002 till:01/09/2004 $A100000
  bar:Wikipedias   from:01/09/2004 till:end        $A1000000

# bar:Wikipedias   from:01/01/2001 till:01/07/2001 $U10     
  bar:Wikipedias   from:01/07/2001 till:01/08/2002 $U100    
  bar:Wikipedias   from:01/08/2002 till:01/01/2004 $U1000
  bar:Wikipedias   from:01/01/2004 till:01/10/2005 $U10000
  bar:Wikipedias   from:01/10/2005 till:end        $U100000

# experiment with figures centered in bars
# bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2002 text:"1, 1, 7"          $L100   $Figures 
# bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2003 text:"1, 8, 14"         $L100   $Figures 
# bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2004 text:"1, 9, 22, 29"     $L100   $Figures 
# bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2005 text:"2, 20, 52, 81"    $L100   $Figures 
# bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2006 text:"8, 37, 84, 120"   $L100   $Figures 
# bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2007 text:"12, 55, 124, 179" $L100   $Figures 

  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2002 text:7          $L100     $S00a1
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2002 text:1          $L1000    $S000a1
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2002 text:1          $L10000   $S0000a1
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2003 text:14         $L100     $S00a1
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2003 text:_8         $L1000    $S000a1 
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2003 text:1          $L10000   $S0000a1 

# 100K for Dec 2002 in wikistats is rounded figure, actually 99939
# bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2003 text:1          $L100000b $S00000a1 

  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2004 text:39         $L100     $S00a1
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2004 text:22         $L1000    $S000a1 
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2004 text:9_         $L10000   $S0000a2 
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2004 text:1          $L100000  $S00000a2 

  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2005 text:81         $L100     $S00a1
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2005 text:52         $L1000    $S000a1 
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2005 text:20         $L10000   $S0000a2 
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2005 text:2_         $L100000  $S00000a2 

  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2006 text:120        $L100     $S00a1
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2006 text:84         $L1000    $S000a1 
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2006 text:37         $L10000   $S0000a2 
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2006 text:8_         $L100000  $S00000a2 

  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2007 text:179        $L100     $S00a1 
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2007 text:124        $L1000    $S000a1 
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2007 text:55_        $L10000   $S0000a3 
  bar:Wikipedias     at:01/01/2007 text:12         $L100000  $S00000a3 

  bar:Wikipedias     at:end  $TTt  text:"January 1, 2007" 

  bar:Wikipedias     at:end  $TAn  text:? # "3,100,000"  textcolor:darkred
  bar:Wikipedias     at:end  $TUn  text:? # "124,580"    textcolor:darkred
  bar:Wikipedias     at:end  $TEn  text:? # "53,940,000" textcolor:darkred
  bar:Wikipedias     at:end  $TAt  text:"articles"      textcolor:darkred
  bar:Wikipedias     at:end  $TUt  text:"editors"       textcolor:darkred
  bar:Wikipedias     at:end  $TEt  text:"edits"         textcolor:darkred

  bar:Meta         from:01/11/2001 till:01/02/2002 $A10
  bar:Meta         from:01/02/2002 till:01/03/2004 $A100
  bar:Meta         from:01/03/2004 till:end        $A1000

# bar:Meta         from:01/11/2001 till:01/06/2003 $U10
  bar:Meta         from:01/06/2003 till:30/04/2005 $U100
  bar:Meta         from:01/05/2005 till:end        $U1000

  bar:Meta           at:01/01/2007 text:n.a.      $L100     $S00d1 

  bar:Meta           at:end  $TAn  text:"8,600" 
  bar:Meta           at:end  $TUn  text:"2,084" 
  bar:Meta           at:end  $TEn  text:"244,000" # 8.6K articles * 28.4 mean edits per article
  bar:Meta           at:end  $TAt  text:"articles" 
  bar:Meta           at:end  $TUt  text:"editors" 
  bar:Meta           at:end  $TEt  text:"edits" 

  bar:Wiktionaries from:01/12/2002 till:01/02/2003 $A100     
  bar:Wiktionaries from:01/02/2003 till:01/09/2003 $A1000
  bar:Wiktionaries from:01/09/2003 till:01/11/2004 $A10000
  bar:Wiktionaries from:01/11/2004 till:01/07/2006 $A100000
  bar:Wiktionaries from:01/07/2006 till:end        $A1000000

# bar:Wiktionaries from:01/12/2002 till:01/09/2003 $U10
  bar:Wiktionaries from:01/09/2003 till:01/02/2005 $U100
  bar:Wiktionaries from:01/02/2005 till:end        $U1000

  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2003 text:1          $L100     $S00a1

  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2004 text:1          $L100     $S00a1
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2004 text:1          $L1000    $S000a1
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2004 text:1          $L10000   $S0000a1

  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2005 text:27         $L100     $S00a1
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2005 text:12         $L1000    $S000a1
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2005 text:3          $L10000   $S0000a2

  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2006 text:53         $L100     $S00a1
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2006 text:32         $L1000    $S000a1
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2006 text:10         $L10000   $S0000a2
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2006 text:1          $L100000  $S00000a2

  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2007 text:79         $L100     $S00a1
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2007 text:49         $L1000    $S000a1
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2007 text:25         $L10000   $S0000a2
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:01/01/2007 text:4          $L100000  $S00000a2 

  bar:Wiktionaries   at:end  $TAn  text:"1,700,000" 
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:end  $TUn  text:"4,398" 
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:end  $TEn  text:"7,480,000" # 1.7M articles * 4.4 mean edits per article
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:end  $TAt  text:"lemmas" 
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:end  $TUt  text:"editors" 
  bar:Wiktionaries   at:end  $TEt  text:"edits" 

  bar:Wikiquotes   from:01/07/2003 till:01/05/2004 $A100    
  bar:Wikiquotes   from:01/05/2004 till:31/03/2005 $A1000   
  bar:Wikiquotes   from:01/04/2005 till:end        $A10000  

# bar:Wikiquotes   from:01/07/2003 till:01/07/2004 $U10
  bar:Wikiquotes   from:01/07/2004 till:30/09/2005 $U100
  bar:Wikiquotes   from:01/10/2005 till:end        $U1000

  bar:Wikiquotes     at:01/01/2004 text:1          $L100    $S00c1
  bar:Wikiquotes     at:01/01/2005 text:7          $L100    $S00c1
  bar:Wikiquotes     at:01/01/2006 text:23         $L100    $S00c1
  bar:Wikiquotes     at:01/01/2007 text:32         $L100    $S00c1

  bar:Wikiquotes     at:01/01/2005 text:2          $L1000   $S000c1
  bar:Wikiquotes     at:01/01/2006 text:7          $L1000   $S000c1
  bar:Wikiquotes     at:01/01/2007 text:13         $L1000   $S000c1

  bar:Wikiquotes   at:end  $TAn  text:"55,000" 
  bar:Wikiquotes   at:end  $TUn  text:"2,472" 
  bar:Wikiquotes   at:end  $TEn  text:"748,000"  # 55K articles * 13.6 mean edits per article
  bar:Wikiquotes   at:end  $TAt  text:"articles" 
  bar:Wikiquotes   at:end  $TUt  text:"editors" 
  bar:Wikiquotes   at:end  $TEt  text:"edits" 

  bar:Wikibooks    from:01/07/2003 till:01/08/2003 $A10      
  bar:Wikibooks    from:01/08/2003 till:01/12/2003 $A100
  bar:Wikibooks    from:01/12/2003 till:31/03/2005 $A1000
  bar:Wikibooks    from:01/04/2005 till:end        $A10000

# bar:Wikibooks    from:01/07/2003 till:01/03/2004 $U10
  bar:Wikibooks    from:01/03/2004 till:01/03/2005 $U100
  bar:Wikibooks    from:01/03/2005 till:end        $U1000

  bar:Wikibooks      at:01/01/2004 text:1          $L100    $S00c1

  bar:Wikibooks      at:01/01/2005 text:8          $L100    $S00c1
  bar:Wikibooks      at:01/01/2005 text:1          $L1000   $S000c1

  bar:Wikibooks      at:01/01/2006 text:25         $L100    $S00c1
  bar:Wikibooks      at:01/01/2006 text:3          $L1000   $S000c1

  bar:Wikibooks      at:01/01/2007 text:37         $L100    $S00c1
  bar:Wikibooks      at:01/01/2007 text:11         $L1000   $S000c1
  bar:Wikibooks      at:01/01/2007 text:1          $L10000  $S0000c2

  bar:Wikibooks      at:end  $TAn  text:"55,000" 
  bar:Wikibooks      at:end  $TUn  text:"5,475" 
  bar:Wikibooks      at:end  $TEn  text:"841,000"   # 55K articles * 15.3 mean edits per article
  bar:Wikibooks      at:end  $TAt  text:"chapters" 
  bar:Wikibooks      at:end  $TUt  text:"authors" 
  bar:Wikibooks      at:end  $TEt  text:"edits" 

  bar:Wikisources  from:01/11/2003 till:01/12/2003 $A10
  bar:Wikisources  from:01/12/2003 till:01/04/2004 $A100
  bar:Wikisources  from:01/04/2004 till:28/02/2005 $A1000
  bar:Wikisources  from:01/03/2005 till:01/07/2006 $A10000
  bar:Wikisources  from:01/07/2006 till:end        $A100000

# bar:Wikisources  from:01/11/2003 till:01/07/2004 $U10
  bar:Wikisources  from:01/07/2004 till:01/03/2006 $U100
  bar:Wikisources  from:01/03/2006 till:end        $U1000

  bar:Wikisources    at:01/01/2005 text:6          $L100    $S00b1
  bar:Wikisources    at:01/01/2005 text:1          $L1000   $S000b1

  bar:Wikisources    at:01/01/2006 text:20         $L100    $S00b1
  bar:Wikisources    at:01/01/2006 text:8          $L1000   $S000b1
  bar:Wikisources    at:01/01/2006 text:1          $L10000  $S0000b2

  bar:Wikisources    at:01/01/2007 text:35         $L100    $S00b1
  bar:Wikisources    at:01/01/2007 text:22         $L1000   $S000b1
  bar:Wikisources    at:01/01/2007 text:3          $L10000  $S0000b2

  bar:Wikisources    at:end  $TAn  text:"144,000" 
  bar:Wikisources    at:end  $TUn  text:"1,838" 
  bar:Wikisources    at:end  $TEn  text:"705,000"   # 144K articles * 4.9 mean edits per article
  bar:Wikisources    at:end  $TAt  text:"sources" 
  bar:Wikisources    at:end  $TUt  text:"editors" 
  bar:Wikisources    at:end  $TEt  text:"edits" 

  bar:Commons      from:01/09/2004 till:01/10/2004 $A1000
  bar:Commons      from:01/10/2004 till:01/05/2005 $A10000
  bar:Commons      from:01/05/2005 till:01/12/2006 $A100000
  bar:Commons      from:01/12/2006 till:end        $A1000000

# bar:Commons      from:01/09/2004 till:01/11/2004 $U10
  bar:Commons      from:01/11/2004 till:31/05/2005 $U100
  bar:Commons      from:01/06/2005 till:end        $U1000

  bar:Commons        at:01/01/2007 text:n.a.      $L100     $S00a1 

  bar:Commons        at:end  $TAn  text:"1,046,000" 
  bar:Commons        at:end  $TUn  text:"3,315" 

  bar:Commons        at:end  $TAt  text:"binaries" 
  bar:Commons        at:end  $TUt  text:"editors" 

  bar:Wikinews     from:01/11/2004 till:01/12/2004 $A10
  bar:Wikinews     from:01/12/2004 till:01/02/2005 $A100
  bar:Wikinews     from:01/02/2005 till:01/09/2005 $A1000
  bar:Wikinews     from:01/09/2005 till:end        $A10000

# bar:Wikinews     from:01/11/2004 till:01/12/2004 $U10
  bar:Wikinews     from:01/12/2004 till:01/02/2006 $U100
  bar:Wikinews     from:01/02/2006 till:end        $U1000

  bar:Wikinews       at:01/01/2005 text:2          $L100    $S00c1

  bar:Wikinews       at:01/01/2006 text:13         $L100    $S00c1
  bar:Wikinews       at:01/01/2006 text:5          $L1000   $S000c1

  bar:Wikinews       at:01/01/2007 text:19         $L100    $S00c1
  bar:Wikinews       at:01/01/2007 text:9          $L1000   $S000c1

  bar:Wikinews       at:end  $TAn  text:"32,000" 
  bar:Wikinews       at:end  $TUn  text:"1,572" 
  bar:Wikinews       at:end  $TEn  text:"358,000" # 32K articles * 11.2 mean edits per article
  bar:Wikinews       at:end  $TAt  text:"reports" 
  bar:Wikinews       at:end  $TUt  text:"reporters" 
  bar:Wikinews       at:end  $TEt  text:"edits" 

# bar:Wikiversity  from:01/10/2004 till:01/07/2005 $A10   # start at offical wikiversity launch date
# bar:Wikiversity  from:01/07/2005 till:01/10/2006 $A100  # start at offical wikiversity launch date
  bar:Wikiversity  from:01/08/2006 till:01/10/2006 $A100
  bar:Wikiversity  from:01/10/2006 till:end        $A1000
  bar:Wikiversity  from:01/08/2006 till:end        $U100

# bar:Wikiversity    at:01/01/2006 text:2          $L100   $S00d1 # start at offical wikiversity launch date

  bar:Wikiversity    at:01/01/2007 text:5          $L100   $S00d1
  bar:Wikiversity    at:01/01/2007 text:2          $L1000  $S000d1

  bar:Wikiversity    at:end  $TAn  text:"1,800" 
  bar:Wikiversity    at:end  $TUn  text:"337" 
  bar:Wikiversity    at:end  $TEn  text:"27,000" # 1.8K articles * 15.4 mean edits per article
  bar:Wikiversity    at:end  $TAt  text:"articles" 
  bar:Wikiversity    at:end  $TUt  text:"editors" 
  bar:Wikiversity    at:end  $TEt  text:"edits" 

TextData =
   text:"Wikimedia Projects Growth"

   text:"Plot _generated"

   text:(*) for Commons bars show binaries, not articles

   text:? = English Wikipedia
   text:statistics after Aug 2006
   text:are still not available 

   text:"users with"
   text:"10+ edits" 


From https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Graph/Demo

{ "version": 1, "width": 400, "height": 200, "padding": {"top": 10, "left": 30, "bottom": 30, "right": 10}, "data": [ { "name": "table", "values": [ {"x": 1, "y": 28}, {"x": 2, "y": 55}, {"x": 3, "y": 43}, {"x": 4, "y": 91}, {"x": 5, "y": 81}, {"x": 6, "y": 53}, {"x": 7, "y": 19}, {"x": 8, "y": 87}, {"x": 9, "y": 52}, {"x": 10, "y": 48}, {"x": 11, "y": 24}, {"x": 12, "y": 49}, {"x": 13, "y": 87}, {"x": 14, "y": 66}, {"x": 15, "y": 17}, {"x": 16, "y": 27}, {"x": 17, "y": 68}, {"x": 18, "y": 16}, {"x": 19, "y": 49}, {"x": 20, "y": 15} ] } ], "scales": [ { "name": "x", "type": "ordinal", "range": "width", "domain": {"data": "table", "field": "data.x"} }, { "name": "y", "range": "height", "nice": true, "domain": {"data": "table", "field": "data.y"} } ], "axes": [ {"type": "x", "scale": "x"}, {"type": "y", "scale": "y"} ], "marks": [ { "type": "rect", "from": {"data": "table"}, "properties": { "enter": { "x": {"scale": "x", "field": "data.x"}, "width": {"scale": "x", "band": true, "offset": -1}, "y": {"scale": "y", "field": "data.y"}, "y2": {"scale": "y", "value": 0} }, "update": { "fill": {"value": "steelblue"} }, "hover": { "fill": {"value": "red"} } } } ] }



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