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If you find a defect with XOWA, please report it as detailed in Help/Feedback. Please include the following in your report:

  • operating system (EX: windows xp, windows 7, linux, mac os x)
  • affected wiki (EX:
  • affected page (EX: Earth)
  • brief description of defect
    • If it is related to incorrect wiki article text, please be as specific as possible. (EX: Earth shows <timeline> instead of the actual graphic timeline)
    • If it is an application defect, please include all the reproduction steps. (EX: I press Fwd 32 times and the application crashes (this doesn't actually happen))

Entries can be made at


If you are multilingual, you can review a wiki in your native language for errors. Aside from English, my only other language competency is French, but that knowledge is several years old. Multilanguage testing has been sparse. The non-English language wikis were confirmed by eyeballing general form and structure, but actual content could not be confirmed.

Bulk file hosting

XOWA currently uploads all files to More help can always be provided in the following ways:

  • Torrents / seeders for English Wikipedia images
  • Online storage space availability



Getting started