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The following is an approximate roadmap of XOWA development for the coming year.

  • The initial release of XOWA will likely have many defects. The first few weeks will be spent resolving as many as possible
Bug fixing is still an ongoing process, but the initial major bugs have been identified and resolved (Linux 64 bit; Internationalization; Non-English wikis; GUI embellishments; Options pages).
  • Scribunto will probably be released in early 2013. Once pages start incorporating the new Lua syntax, XOWA will try to emulate the same behavior
Scribunto support is available as of v0.5.1
  • Other extensions will be added as time permits, starting with DynamicPageList, Timeline and Hiero.
Timeline is available as of v0.4.0 (with immense thanks to Schnark)
DynamicPageList is available as of v0.12.3.0
Hiero is available as of v1.4.4.1
  • Wikidata support
Wikidata is available as of v0.5.0
  • More internationalization support will be provided as I get feedback from users.
This is a passive item. Internationalization issues will be addressed as they are reported, but it is not a roadmap item.
  • Sqlite support
A sqlite backend was completely enabled as of v0.7.0
  • If online resources are available, offline thumbnail support may be generated.
Offline thumbnail support will be a major item that will span multiple months: from v0.8.0 - v0.10.0.
Offline image databases have been generated since 2013-11-22 and are available for all wikis > 200,000 articles. See
  • Multiple tab support
This is scheduled for v1.6.1.
Tabs are available as of v1.5.1
  • Full text search
This is scheduled for v1.10.1.
  • Performance enhancements will be implemented to allow XOWA to run on lower-spec machines
This is an ongoing process, but as of v1.4.3.1, Luaj allows Scribunto to be run on lower-spec machines.
  • Android version will be released.
This is scheduled for v2.1.0, but much depends on progress in other areas



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