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Dump servers

Enter a list of server urls separated by a comma and newline.

  • The default value is:
  • Note that servers are prioritized from left-to-right. In the default example, your.org will be tried first. If it is offline, then the next server -- dumps.wikimedia.org -- will be tried, etc.
  • See App/Import/Download/Dump_servers for more info
Download xowa_common.css

Affects the xowa_common.css file in /xowa/user/anonymous/wiki/wiki_name/html/. Only occurs once when importing a wiki.

  • checked: Downloads xowa_common.css from the Wikimedia servers. Note that this stylesheet will be the latest copy but it may cause unexpected formatting in XOWA.
  • unchecked: Copies xowa_common.css from /xowa/bin/any/html/html/import/. Note that this stylesheet is the one XOWA is coded against. It is the most stable, but will not have the latest logo
Unzip bz2 file

Choose one of the following:

  • checked: the .bz2 file will be unzipped to an .xml file. The import will be faster, but it will use more disk space
  • unchecked: the .bz2 file will not be unzipped. The import will not be faster, but it will not use more disk space

NOTE: When XOWA reads directly from the .bz2 file, the progress percentage will not be accurate. It may hover at 99.99% for several minutes'

Delete XML file after import

(Only relevant if 'Unzip bz2 file' is checked) Choose one of the following:

  • checked: the .xml file is automatically deleted once the import process completes
  • unchecked: the .xml file is untouched

bzip2 Options

Stdout enabled

NOTE: this option only applies if the "Custom wiki commands" option is wiki.download,wiki.import (wiki.unzip must be removed)
Select the method for importing a wiki dump bz2 file.

  • checked : import through a native process's stdout. This will be faster, but may not work on all Operating Systems. A 95 MB file takes 85 seconds
  • unchecked: import though Apache Common's Java bz2 compression library. This will be slower, but will work on all Operating Systems. A 95 MB file takes 215 seconds.
Stdout process

NOTE: lbzip2 (Many thanks to Anselm for making this suggestion, as well as compiling the data to support it. See http://sourceforge.net/p/xowa/tickets/263/?limit=10&page=6#f2fb/dcb6) Linux users should consider using lbzip2, as lbzip2 has significant performance differences (30% in many cases).

  • install lbzip2
    • (Debian) sudo apt-get install lbzip2
  • change "Import bz2 by stdout process" to
    • lbzip2
    • -dkc "~{src}"


bz2 app

Choose app to decompress bz2 file (Recommended: 7-zip)

gzip app

Choose app to decompress gzip file (Recommended: 7-zip)


PageRank iterations

Specify one of the following:

  • 0 : (default) page rank is disabled
  • (number greater than 1): page rank will be calculated until it is finished or maximum number of interations are reached. For more info, see Help/Features/Search/Build



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